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Function of Structural Design Offices

Main function of a Design Office has never changed in time; which is to meet the client’s stated needs of consultancy by satisfying the defined scope of services and creating design solutions that fulfill the pertinent codes. Complex information management systems and superior technologies are playing more and more important roles every day. Producing well-defined full documentation that may be easily understood without too much elaboration and generating cost-effective durable designs within the time and quality constraints are vital. 

This main function is guided and supported with corporate principles. Organizational talent of a design office is an important indicator to its long-term success and to the value of its output. Dynamics and attributes shown by successful design offices should include:

• Ethical and maximum performance for each client and for all times
• Professional collaboration, both inside and out between firms and other connections
• Active guidance of all staff to expand and transfer shared knowledge base•Having lasting relationships with clients, designers and other involved parties of industry
• Desire to keep up with the up-to-date technical and technological movements
• Dedication to innovation as well as optimization of design and drafting processes.

In this modern era and with these brand new instruments at hand, design offices can no longer keep working with conventional methods and age old techniques. Furthermore delivering structural design solutions and consulting services in numerous countries demands exceptional intellect and perception of engineering. As a structural engineering and consulting company “STAND” confidently holds above mentioned characteristics and continues to enhance its operations in accordance with its corporate vision. 


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Serhan BAKIR


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